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A Launchpad for Web3 Projects

Offering you an early access to fund highly-vetted and ethical web3 projects.

Enabling Web3 Projects to Launch and Raise Funds.

We help Web3 founders raise money and promise safety to early stage backers.

What sets us apart in the Web3 market?

Quality Projects

Highly vetted projects that meets our comprehensive listing criteria and requirements.

170,000+ Community Members

We have over 170,000 community members across our partner social channels and groups.

Real Projects with Real Use Cases

We ensure projects have valid token use cases, a minimal viable product and a sustainable business model.

High Ethical Standards

Only projects that meet the highest ethical standards and are free from prohibitions are listed on our platform.

Audited & Secure

We adhere to the strictest privacy and cybersecurity standards and require projects to pass smart contract audits.

Unparalleled Support for Projects

We provide the projects all the support needed to ensure a successful fund raising campaign and launch.

What unique innovation POLYKICK offers?


Initial Launchpad Offering (ILO)

We facilitate early stage funding of Web3 projects by mediating the token sale process.

  • All projects are ensured to have a practical token use case, a minimal viable product and a valid business model.
  • Project tokenomics, token distribution, and token price are audited and reviewed by a 3rd party specialist or agency.
  • During the token sale, both funds and tokens are locked in an escrow smart contract.
  • Once the sale concludes, the funds are transferred to the project, and the tokens are distributed to the project backers.
  • All unsold tokens are burned to ensure fair token distribution, price stability, and prevent token inflation.
  • To guarantee market liquidity, we make sure that the token starts trading on CEXs and/or DEXs once the sale is concluded.


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Launch your project with us

Our goal is to support web3 projects and drive successful adoption of innovative blockchain technology.

Our ILO model allows users to actively support new projects in a safe, ethical and fair manner.

Apply today to raise funds and launch your project with us.


Community members


Time and cost saving

How to Participate in an ILO Token Sale?

Learn about the Project

Get Whitelisted

Buy Tokens

You can start learning about the project by going to the project page from the Explore tab in the navigation menu and then by clicking on the project you wish to fund.

We highly encourage you to do your research about the project and understand all risks inherent in participation in the token sale.

Ready to participate in an ILO?

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